Two LA transplants discussing careers, women’s empowerment, & dating in the city of Los Angeles. We have learned our lessons, been through ups & downs, found love and experienced heartbreak but with a solid foundation and a little help from our friends, we’ve found a way to have longevity in a city which usually chews people up and spits them back to where they came from. FEDWORK explores each of our individual journeys, sharing our tips and tricks along the way. Stay tuned…



Born and raised in Fremont, California - Katrina Jo began modeling and dancing at the age of three. Over the course of the next 3 decades, she trained in all areas of dance, won numerous awards, performed with some of today's top artists, was a member of the NFL San Diego Charger Girls and NBA Clippers Spirit where she was Captain on both teams. Outside her extensive experience in the entertainment industry, Katrina wields a healthy entrepreneurial spirit. She is the owner of GlamGirlsLA, Co-Founder of Women of POW and the Key Account Manager for Hennessy VSOP Privilege in Los Angeles.  When she's not helming these roles, Katrina Jo loves to give back to the community as she sits on the Board of SIPA (Search to Involve Pilipino Americans).



Born & raised in Livonia, Michigan, Sarah moved to LA following college graduation. Securing a job with nightlife & entertainment conglomerate SBE, Sarah was lucky to be involved in Nightlife at its peak. She went back to school to study audio engineering/music business and quickly realized she could put the two together. She was able to forge genuine relationships with music industry VIPs at the club, which helped her to launch On Cue Agency, a talent booking & management company. Concurrently, Sarah worked at The MADE Group, an investment company with holdings in fashion, hospitality, f&b, tech, entertainment, real estate, and more, for nearly a decade. She recently moved back to Detroit and has launched a real estate business. 

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